What is a stock repurchase

What is a stock repurchase

The net impact of a share repurchase is to reduce the number of outstanding shares, which boosts the much-watched earnings-per-share metric even if overall net income remains flat. Younger companies typically need to reinvest any excess cash to expand the business. Frequently, officers and directors are precluded from participating in the tender offer. When a company offers to buy back shares of its own stock from its shareholders, it effectively removes those shares from circulation. With many large companies maintaining huge cash balances, especially in the tech industry, shareholders fume at the idea that they aren't putting their capital to better use. Most of the time, this happy situation is caused by something known as a stock repurchase plan, where a company uses cash to buy shares of its own stock and then destroys those shares so that the profit and assets have to be split among fewer "pieces".

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What is a stock repurchase

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