Forex exchange rates of $ to pak rupees

Forex exchange rates of $ to pak rupees

While the government team, led by secretary of finance Shahid Mehmood will review the assessment, the IMF mission to Pakistan, led by Harald Finger, will visit Lahore next week for talks with provincial authorities including Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif and independent observers and researchers from the business community and representatives of a private-sector university. Mahmood said the two sides held various rounds of technical discussions over the last week and covered a host of areas including the macroeconomic situation, developments in energy, financial, monetary and social sectors. The threshold for Pakistan to move out of the PPM is estimated at 1. As the two sides concluded technical talks, the IMF team will prepare a report of its assessment over the weekend and share it with Pakistani officials on Monday for the feedback and discussions. This calculated move allowed the currency rate to touch Rs to a dollar on Friday before settling down at around Rs and did not go beyond official estimates. While a clean certificate of economic health from the IMF is useful for international financial institutions and investment sentiment, the two sides are reported to have noted that recent bond results were very positive for the fact that this was the first fund raising from international capital market without the IMF programme after many years and it attracted a favourable response and rates despite high twin deficits, showing confidence of international investors and good reflection of fundamentals. He said significant growth had been achieved in revenue generation in the current fiscal year.

Forex exchange rates of $ to pak rupees

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