Meaning of forex

Meaning of forex

A forward is a tailor-made contract: Individuals — If you have ever traveled to a different country and exchanged your money into a different currency at the airport or bank, you have already participated in the foreign currency exchange market. Retail speculators you and I are small cheese compared to the big hedge funds that control and speculate with billions of dollars of equity each day in the currency markets. Many people come into the markets thinking only about the reward and ignoring the risks involved, this is the fastest way to lose all of your trading account money. Due to London's dominance in the market, a particular currency's quoted price is usually the London market price. In , something called the gold exchange standard was implemented. It was this break down of the Bretton Woods System that ultimately led to the mostly global acceptance of floating foreign exchange rates in

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  1. If you own a put on stock XYZ, you have the right to sell XYZ at the strike price until the put option expires.

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