Broker in stock market

Broker in stock market

OptionsHouse has been rated the 1 platform for Options Trading the past six years. You'll gradually identify a niche for yourself, be it in futures contracts or equities or debt instruments. A "financial advisor" may or may not be a stockbroker, since some Series 6 licensed individuals—who are prohibited from selling stock—have that as their professional title. A broker's duties may include: If it is over the phone, you usually will find they are to the point and not interested in chit-chat, which is good. Some online brokers offer access to research, however it is often third party. Despite the old-time stereotype of an individual shouting offers and orders on a trading floor, most traders today spend their time on the phone or in front of their computer screens, analyzing performance charts and polishing their trading strategies — since making a profit is often all in the timing.

Broker in stock market

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भारत के 10 बेहतरीन स्टॉक ब्रोकर, Top 10 Stock Brokers in India (in Hindi)

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