What is capital option

What is capital option

Are you planning to leave it untouched for the full duration of the investment term? In addition, there are no bonuses or promotions and only one standard trading account. Capital protected investment products not just provide the upward profit potential, they also guarantee protection of your capital investment fully or partially. If the price of the chosen asset is lower than than the price at the moment Put Option was bought. Here, the trader will place money on a forecast that a certain product will either appreciate or depreciate from its current value by the end of a pre-specified time frame. Do you have access to funds in the event of a financial emergency? Don't forget that you still have control over every deal the manager makes, so you can disconnect or cancel the trade at any time!

What is capital option

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Call Options & Put Options Explained Simply In 8 Minutes (How To Trade Options For Beginners)

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