Proprietary trading system in japan

Proprietary trading system in japan

The price quotations and the trading price of securities made on the PTS are determined by auction methods or order matching methods. SBI Japannext has introduced the state-of-art stock exchange system with high functionality and extensibility. An extensive effort will be made for a high level of participation in dealing and investments in SBI Japannext, with a view toward dealing participation for securities firms, regardless of whether their business is Internet based or not. It operates both a daytime and nighttime trading session, allowing users to trade issues that account for the majority of the stocks and financial products listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. One-Third Rule Still Applies to PTS Trading The amended rules have also clarified that any purchase of securities that causes the shareholding ratio to cross or further increase beyond the One-Third Threshold may not be conducted on the PTS unless some exemption applies. This had been said to be an impediment to development of PTS trading of shares by large institutional investors in Japan.

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Proprietary trading system in japan

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