Soyuz system trading pte ltd

Soyuz system trading pte ltd

This compact, self-contained unit lets you keep track of your home, your kids, your workplace -- whatever's important to you. The robust signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections up to 4 times farther than standard Wireless-G. The large, full-color high resolution display features an intuitive user interface enabling users to easily and quickly configure the handset using Secure Easy Setup SES. Attach these high gain antennas to your Linksys Wireless Broadband Router or Access Point, and increase both the effective strength of the outgoing signals, and the receive sensitivity for incoming signals. The Access Point built into the Router uses the very latest wireless networking technology, Wireless-N draft SPA users will be able to leverage their broadband phone service connections more than ever by automatically routing local calls from cell phones and land lines to VoIP service providers and vice versa.

Soyuz system trading pte ltd

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Linkys Connected Home

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