Trading strategy tester for forex

Trading strategy tester for forex

This is usually not so important to an Expert Advisor that uses stop loss and take profit targets of more than pips, but in the case of scalping trading bots, your backtest will likely be completely misleading. If you already have an MT4 client terminal installed you can jump to the next step. When it comes to backtesting FX strategies , there is no software that can replace a person — especially, a person equipped with a right tool. Another issue with using FX backtesting software is infrequent liquidity, which varies due to many external factors. Either choose the path of failure or buy what is probably the best trading simulator in existence and avoid losing anything. The number of combinations of input parameters in the optimization can be overwhelming:

Trading strategy tester for forex

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USDJPY Forex Tester Supply and Demand Strategy Backtesting, Year 2002 January. SET 1

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